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For a really impressive alternative to traditional balustrade of the stairs, landings, balconies and terraces, a railing glass adds sophistication to any room or space.

Both modern and traditional homes are increasingly incorporating glass balustrade systems design and renovation plans of all the right reasons. Glass balustrades provides a wealth of additional light and can open up an area, as well as be discreet to give you a great view. They may be flat or curved level, slope or benched. Glass balustrade used externally excellent wind breaks on a balcony or terrace and works especially well around a pool or deck area.

ASG glass balustrades, of course, made of tempered glass and comply with all building regulations and requirements. Glass balustrade systems can serve as a frame of stainless steel or powder coated steel post and rail systems, or fully frameless structural glass to look transparent, and we will work with you to tailor to suit their plans and the budget. New glass balustrades can be supplied tinted, color, matte or sandblasted with a design of your choice.

There are many methods you can use to fix your glass balustrades. Post and rail infill panels usually ensured a patch type of glass tongs, or heads in the face of the posts, while the structural glass can be expensive fixed at ground level on points with fixings or heads of compensation or fit in the channels of exposed or recessed base and Fixings, often with secret fixings, and we are always happy to advise you on the right choice for your project.

Some of the benefits of using our glass railing systems are:

* Maintenance – glass balustrades are easy to maintain and clean.
* Adaptable – glass railings work equally well inside and out and when used either in the configuration gives your space a continuous flow.
*Easy customization - With a wide selection of finishes, glass balustrades offers many design possibilities.

* Durable - Tempered glass is safe and robust and provides strong support for indoors and outdoors.
* Discreet – glass balustrades can offer open space and scenic views and beauty of an area or landscape.

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What is tea staining?

* Tea is a type of atmospheric corrosion that may appear on the surface of stainless steel balustrades.

* Does not rust and will not affect the structural integrity.

* It is common in coastal areas (within 5 km) of whee salt allowed to accumulate on the surface of the stainless steel.

* Steel corrosion of the steel surface can also occur by contact with aggressive cleaning acids (e.g. hydrochloric acid) or carbon steel (via aerosol grinding, improper use of discs or welding fin not cleaned properly), which is not the tea stain.

How to remove it -

* If you have a problem with tea stains, it is important to act quickly. The stain will get worse and become repeatedly if left too long before cleaning.
* If the finish of your furniture is satin brushed then most stains can be cleaned using a standard household sponge. DO NOT USE steel wool.
* For the connections of mirror polished or particularly bad spots mild acid cleaning should be used. Any of phosphoric acid can be applied with a brush, allowed to react for approximately 30-60 minutes (or until the spots disappear) and washed with clean water.

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The effects of ultraviolet light, pollution, dirt, grime and salt deposits can all accumulate on the surface of the railing in time. To extend the life of the finished powder coating / anodizing and protect all security requirements that may exist, a regular maintenance program should be implemented very simple to eliminate waste.

As a general rule, cleaning should be performed every four months. However, in areas where pollutants are more common, especially in coastal regions or industrial cleaning program should be conducted on a more frequent basis (e.g. every 3 months).

To clean the surface of balustrade -

1. Carefully remove loose deposits with a damp sponge.

2. Use a soft brush (not abrasive) or cloth and a mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits.

3. Rinse with clean water and fresh.

Detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling should be avoided because it is a good indication that the detergent is harsh and therefore unsuitable for cleaning balustrades.

Although some strong solvents are recommended for the removal of sealers or other construction debris, they can be harmful to the extended life of the surface of the balustrade and should also prevent the damage can not be immediately visible and can take up to 12 months to appear.

If spray paint, sealants or other debris should be removed, and then methylated spirits, turpentine or paint thinner can be used safely.


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Stainless steel was discovered by Harry Brearley in England in 1913. Brearley discovered it while performing an experiment to increase the levels of chromium. Based on their experiment, 12% chromium makes the steel resistant to corrosion caused by acid.

In 1920, there are two types of stainless steel have been found to be useful and these are martenstic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel .

Stainless steel is also known as an alloy steel usually have at least 11.5% chromium content. This material has certain qualities that will not stain and mildew compared to ordinary metals. When the alloy grade and type are not completely identified, it is known that the corrosion resistant steel.

Stainless steel has different grades and surface finishing. It has around 150 degrees. Fifteen of these grades are widely used. These models are manufactured in coils, plates, sheets, wires and tubes. Due to the qualities of stainless steel, which broke through as one of the steel, mainly used in many commercial applications.

Stainless steel balustrades are very popular and is generally considered one of the preferred materials for the balconies in marine areas. This is true to some extent, but there are some real pitfalls in this, if not known or adequately prevented, disappoint end users and manufacturers.

Almost everyone who manufactures stainless steel rust from time to time. Upsetting users, as they have paid for “stainless”. A good question for designers is, then, “How and when stainless steel rails are vulnerable to corrosion and how can they be protected?”

To address this issue, several conditions are  tested that make the stainless steel to rust. Here is a summary of the factors involved in corrosion of stainless steel and the results and conclusions to be drawn from Hitchiner testing program.

Stainless Steel Corrosion - There are two basic types of stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion, nickel-chromium austenitic steels and less corrosion resistant ferritic and martensitic steel. For special purposes, there are also stainless steel, a mixture of the two structures.

Basically, the formation of a passive oxide layer of chromium in the stainless steel handrail protects the metal from aggressive media in everyday use and its surroundings. If the stainless steel handrails and stainless steel balustrades are kept clean, do not form either corrosion product of many, many years. This emphasizes that regular cleaning of stainless steel railings is essential.

Different mechanisms can play a role in the formation of these corrosion products. In some cases, re-deposition after the dissolution of the alloy surface ion leaves the surface of the steel. Under the right conditions of humidity and heat, these ions combine with oxygen and develop a corrosion product. Redeposition of iron ions leads to the oxidation points, redeposition of chromium ions leaves a deposit of chromium oxide, are indicated by white with a matte finish on the polished steel.

A particular area of critical importance and the most responsible for the “oxidation” or spots on stainless steel balustrades are where the welds are incorporated, causing the contamination of iron. The use of processing and non-stainless steel handling equipment. This is a frequent source of contamination. Non-metallic materials in contact and lift the vacuum should be used to avoid contamination of the process.

Handling or manufacture of stainless steel equipment, use of tools is also used for non-stainless steels should be avoided. Working in factories manufacturing ‘mixed metal “, without segregation and cleaning precautions can result in contamination.

Cutting stainless steel polished steel rails or stainless steel remains of no should not be allowed to settle in stainless steel items. As soon as any of this contamination is wet, rust stains will result.

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Outdoor balustrades can be found in a variety of public and private spaces and take care of various needs. This is a security measure, especially on decks and ladders, helping to provide a hand grip for people as they walk. They are very important in areas that are often wet or covered with snow and ice. Many governments have enacted rules for the participation of balustrades to help disabled people move better in public areas.

History -

The Great Wall of China was built without balustrades, but today, with an emphasis on public safety, whole sections of it has been remodeled to include balustrades for visitors. This does not mean that balustrades are a novelty. Most of the oldest buildings in the public around the world have always had balustrades next to the stairs, but is hard to construct guardrails that keep well in many years of service. Therefore, the older buildings have been repaired several times with new balustrades. And with new government regulations, balustrades many have had to be replaced to meet specifications.

Meaning –

Studies have shown that properly installed balustrades reduce the number of injuries on the stairs. In order to ensure that people use balustrades, security officials recommend the reduction of the ladder to the ladder that all have access to the rail. Other outdoor areas where balustrades have been helpful are steep hills, and in parks and zoos.

Type -

Outdoor balustrade can be made from many materials like wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, glass or metal. Regulations in some areas require that stair rails extend above and below the stairs and you should not consider the possibility of hooking clothes. In areas where the fall would be a problem, as in the edge of a deck or near a precipice, balustrades should top half solid wall or barrier with narrow slats.


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The need is great for outdoor balustrade systems are offered for the safe use of employees and visitors as well as ensuring the safety of your family, friends and visitors to your home. There are many types of rail systems on the market around the world to meet this need. Let us briefly discuss some of them:

Decorative balustrades outside for around your yard or pool area are available in steel and aluminum are combined with the rigging of glass, stone or wire so they can provide an attractive perimeter to complement your overall design. The aluminum balustrade systems are available in colors to add depth to its exterior design. You can also get systems that have the post caps and lids that look like stone to give finality to the style of balustrade system.

Ornamental iron balustrade and wrought iron balustrade can also be used in residential or commercial applications where you want the style and grace. There are many styles available iron balustrade styles of movement and the watermark of the base style of luxury. These systems handrails outdoors can be easily incorporated into many outdoor decorations to give a graceful and elegant.

Industrial systems fiberglass offered as an optional extra outdoor balustrade system. Fiberglass is lightweight, rugged and easy to maintain. These systems fiberglass rails meet federal OSHA standards, are cost effective with low maintenance and are available in various colors. The balustrade can be square or round and can be designed to suit you.

It is likely that the balustrade system more often in industrial applications / commercial is the one made of steel or polished stainless steel. We will find the basic steel balustrade system in many commercial buildings and municipal facilities handicapped bathroom, stairs, ramps for pedestrians and goods loading areas, roofs, infill panels and fencing. These are just some of the forms of steel rails / handrail systems are used for outdoor locations.

One of the most profitable properties of these systems outdoor balustrade is that most are of modular construction. What this means for consumers is this: when you need to replace or repair parts of the guardrail system, you can only replace or repair the damaged area without replacing the entire system. You can get character, color and profitability in the choice of materials to meet your security needs.

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Iron plays an important role in the construction industry. It is a very durable and pliable material, and this allows it to be used in various designs and different functions. The use of iron in the construction does not, however, ends in the superstructure. Iron is also used for its aesthetic qualities most commonly in the form of wrought iron balustrades. They come in various designs and styles and are used as a form of protection, as well as decorative purposes.

Safety is the primary use of the Iron Gate and Iron Gates are commonly used in schools, homes, public parks, and so on, either to keep people and animals in or out. Also being used in car parks, theme parks and other recreational facilities to ensure protected areas remain safe. The other main use of iron balustrades is for aesthetic purposes. Different designs and styles of balustrades can be used to create a more style and creativity to a property. Iron bars are also commonly used with doors that also provide security benefits can also improve the appearance of a property or public space.

There are many types and styles of available iron balustrade. Here is a summary of these. The pipe system is the most common and is mostly used for security purposes. The arch style top rail is traditionally used for parks and playgrounds. Versions in this series are the main standard arc, superior arc intertwined, and four versions. Guardrails are another use of rails, which are used mainly as pedestrians and protective barriers to cordon off sections of street. There is also pedestrian protection barriers used to renovate decorative street otherwise monotonous and boring.

Or custom balustrades as they are also a popular use of iron bars. These can be used anywhere, from doors and balconies, to theme parks and designs are as varied as the needs and uses. Chevron and flat-topped fencing are available for almost any environment and are a popular choice for its simplicity. Unlike adding elegant balustrades to any home, internal and external versions mean that you can show intricate metal designs worldwide.

Iron balustrades are very diverse and can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as doors, doorknobs, balustrades, arches, barriers, and the cycle is much more than a great addition to any property or space public.


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When it comes to modern wrought iron balustrades, which many people are interested in design and style of the rail compared to the brand or metal that is actually used. There is no doubt that these bars have been a tremendous addition to homes, buildings and gardens for hundreds of years and this is the most important people when it comes to choosing their rails. As long as the metal used is reliable and last, the most important aspect is related to the design and style bars, which also helps to justify the continued use of the word “wrought iron”.

The level of craftsmanship that will make wrought iron balustrades today remains comparable to the styles of previous generations and ages. Modern technology has provided a number of advances in metal working, but many companies continue to offer a unique finish to hand stands well against any historical or balustrade design.

A number of companies working with clients to create a unique design for them, but most of the rail companies will be able to offer a range of wrought iron balustrades that adorn their houses, buildings or land. Many of these are based on traditional styles of balustrades and allow some uniformity across the product range.

Fashion and functionality is important for iron balustrades -

In addition to its style, wrought iron balustrades are considered more resistant to rust rails of other metals. This makes it ideal for building exterior and guard rails should retain their finish and shine for a long period of time. Given the changing climatic conditions in the Australia, outdoor balustrades have to be able to withstand a lot of abuse and wrought iron work give a guarantee about how to keep a good finish and quality.

It is this blend of fashion and functionality that has always marked wrought iron gates as a classical form of the line facilities and why they are still in demand today. It has never been easier to create a unique style for your home and balustrades with a great finishing touch.

In a sense, then no, people do not wrought iron balustrades in the way they used to because the metal is not the same. However, in the sense of manipulation shaped metal to create intricate designs and finishes, then yes, the wrought iron balustrade industry is alive and well these days, though largely overcome by machine shops and manufacturing most recent technological base.

There is a current trend of wrought iron balustrades have not been seen for many years with people spending more time and money on appearance and decor of your home. Creating a consistent and unique image of your home is essential for many people and their appearance can be completed with the inclusion of balustrades in the style of wrought iron.

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Wrought iron is forged of mild steel on a balustrade to make a decorative part of the residential and commercial stairs stairway stairways. The stairs are the centerpiece of some of the most beautiful homes today. They are much more than simply moving a level in one house to another, the stairs are actually a fine piece of “vertical” furniture. Wrought iron balusters are available in many styles; both traditional and modern creates a truly distinctive set of stairs.

Wrought iron balusters are available in a variety of styles, in turn, knuckles, basket ball, gothic, custom designs and other contemporaries. These are more vulnerable to oxidation because of its hidden surface abrasion and thus best served by selective incorporation of carbon materials low. Wrought iron balustrades to create highly detailed exterior systems for both houses and commercial buildings. The beauty and grandeur of classic design wrought iron balusters, combined with columns and capitals to enhance the beauty of the exterior of the building.

Balustrades are the key component of any balustrade system. Other parts such as stair balustrades, caps, and finials are just details that accompany the balustrade. With the increasing proliferation of architectural products, finding the right balustrade has become easier than ever and wrought iron balustrades have become the perfect choice favored by designers.

Wrought iron, it is currently produced in large scale commercial and has not been for some time. The name of wrought iron is still used to describe a range of products including balustrades, gates and garden furniture, but they are not built from the forging of previous generations, which are commonly made of carbon steel. However, it fits the facts so they can be labeled as wrought iron, when worked by hand.

This is because the definition of forged stems from the fact that he was or how to manipulate in its final position within that result from archaic times and literally means “work of iron.” It is still possible to get genuine wrought iron and conservation work of authentic historical structures requires this type of metal being used. This metal can be obtained through the junk, but as such, is commonly used in the balustrades and hand balustrades today.

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There are many different types of balustrades are all different in design and materials used. There are stainless steel balustrades, glass balustrades and different designs can be purchased prefabricated and custom-made to suit your personal preferences. Businesses are able to work with you to help incorporate the design process and any good company will help and guide you in everything you can.

You may have strong ideas about the design you want or can have an idea, but we have to discuss these ideas with a professional who can help turn those ideas into reality. There are all sorts of aspects to consider when you are buying the rails and the structure of the guide is essential for any design you choose.

The design you choose should also complement the design of your workplace or your family and any design to match the needs and adapt to any existing modern decor. Homeowners always have to do with the design of the bars, but there are other aspects to consider, such as quality, which is also an important aspect. Quality balustrades are a must if you want to wear and the last test and time.

A popular material for balustrades stainless steel because it is a very versatile material that will last the test of time and is also suitable for outdoor environments. If installed on the exterior of stainless steel material will not rust and can be cleaned and easily maintained, which is a necessity for work and home.

Stainless steel balustrades, forming a strong support system and comes in a wide range of styles and designs. Stainless steel is incredibly versatile and maintenance is relatively low, making it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

The most important aspect of any installation advice and information as much as possible and always use a reputable company to guide and assist with the design process at every step of the road. The most important aspect is the material chosen, the design and safety aspects.

Other materials used in the manufacture of glass balustrades and wrought iron are popular materials for use. There are many designs of wrought iron balustrade, and most glass. Glass balustrade designs and can create real elusions met a beautiful home.

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