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Nowadays Balustrades provide your home the security along with style with its latest designs available in various forms such as Iron, Glass and Stainless Steel. Each form of the balustrade has itsown importance. ASG Balustrades provides each type of balustrades withappropriate guidance to maintain it for a longer time. Below are some types of balustrades which can provide you the details and help in choosing better one for you.

1. Glass Balustrades: -Glass is a symbol of calm, transparency and cleanliness. It is nowadays used in many offices for the purpose of decoration. This glass is mainly used for the inside balustrades which help in maintaining the house in more fashionable way. These glasses can be made more attractive with the help of adding colours and modifying its surface. The glasses for the balustrades are made with special care that it does not break easily and  it is equally important that these glasses should be kept clean enough so that it can give good impression.

2. Iron Balustrades: – Iron rails are considered as quite durable therefore they are especially used for construction purpose. However, due to the advent of technological advancement its role is not limited as the raw material for construction but it is also used to build outside balustrades which are not durable but also provides aesthetic exposure. This iron can easily moulded and coloured and given artistic finishing.

3. Stainless Steel balustrades: – These types of balustrades are useful for both indoor and outdoor environment because it is not only durable but also looks beautiful because of its glittering look. Therefore it is used for making stainless steel chairs, couch and other furniture. But the main usage of stainless steel rails can be largely found in offices. It is also suggested that the type of steel balustrades disclose your personality and family. That’s why it is essential to consult professional balustrades providing who can provide you with expert knowledge in designing rails.

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Nowadays, Balustrade is trend to be a decoration both indoor and outdoor rather than just a facility of stairs or decks. Although the unavoidable fact that, people are looking for modern materials or new designed balustrades, we could not ignore the safety issues. As the balustrades are always found on the balcony, indoor and outdoor stairs, as well as decks. The original functions of balustrade is to protect people from falling down the paths they are walking on.

So, it is important that owners and occupiers of all types of buildings conduct regular checks on balustrades and railings in their premises to ensure they meet building code requirements and are safe to use.

There are couples of potential hazards exist:

1. Children may get their heads, arms or legs caught in the space between balustrade openings.

2. Babies and kids may fall through openings if the gaps are too wide.

3. Children may fall off the balcony or stairs if they are able to climb over the balcony or stairs baluster.

Before selecting correct companies, you have to look up the Australian Standard.

1. Balustrades must be at least 1 meter high.

2.Any openings in the balustrade should not allow a 12.5cm sphere (round ball) to pass through.

3.Where the balcony or deck is more than 4 meters above a surface below, the barrier must not in corporate horizontal or near horizontal (climbing) elements between 15cm and 76 cm above the floor surface.

The most important thing is to select a qualified company, rather than the judgements on prices only.

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