History and Meaning of Outdoor Balustrade Systems

June 20th, 2011  Posted at   Balustrade
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Outdoor balustrades can be found in a variety of public and private spaces and take care of various needs. This is a security measure, especially on decks and ladders, helping to provide a hand grip for people as they walk. They are very important in areas that are often wet or covered with snow and ice. Many governments have enacted rules for the participation of balustrades to help disabled people move better in public areas.

History -

The Great Wall of China was built without balustrades, but today, with an emphasis on public safety, whole sections of it has been remodeled to include balustrades for visitors. This does not mean that balustrades are a novelty. Most of the oldest buildings in the public around the world have always had balustrades next to the stairs, but is hard to construct guardrails that keep well in many years of service. Therefore, the older buildings have been repaired several times with new balustrades. And with new government regulations, balustrades many have had to be replaced to meet specifications.

Meaning –

Studies have shown that properly installed balustrades reduce the number of injuries on the stairs. In order to ensure that people use balustrades, security officials recommend the reduction of the ladder to the ladder that all have access to the rail. Other outdoor areas where balustrades have been helpful are steep hills, and in parks and zoos.

Type -

Outdoor balustrade can be made from many materials like wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, glass or metal. Regulations in some areas require that stair rails extend above and below the stairs and you should not consider the possibility of hooking clothes. In areas where the fall would be a problem, as in the edge of a deck or near a precipice, balustrades should top half solid wall or barrier with narrow slats.


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