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June 20th, 2011  Posted at   Balustrade
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There are a number of different materials used in the balustrades and handrails. If the rail is external, like fencing with a terrace, roof or any open space, then the material used is concrete. Concrete can withstand the weather and not get destroyed.

There are a number of different designs used in the manufacture of balustrades. The rails are usually cast in a shape with a mold. This is done so that all rails are similar. One lane is set at the top of the balustrades.

If the rails will be placed inside a building, as the lining of a ladder of ten different materials can be used, usually, the word drive is used in the line of stair balustrades. The balustrade is also made of wood.

Another material used in the balustrades and handrails is cast iron or wrought iron. Balustrades cast or wrought iron with an elegant design. The design is selected by the homeowner or architect. The design depends on the issue of the construction.

Polyurethane is also used today to make the balustrades and handrails. Model plaster, stone and plaster polymer is also used for balustrades and handrails. In some buildings of marble is also used for balustrades. Marble is very expensive and only used in palatial buildings.

The use of wood has also reduced in making rails and handrails. People have become conscious about preserving the environment and therefore the use of wood is frowned upon by some people. The use of polyurethane polymers has increased. The material is inexpensive and can make nice designs for balustrades. Modern buildings have polyurethane balustrades, coinciding with the building design.

No one is quite sure about the history of the balustrades and was the first use. The most common form in the balustrades was the oblong shape that resembles an egg. Brass and bronze have also been used in the balustrades and handrails. They require a clean and polished regularly and are very expensive. Bronze is used for handrails, as it has a bright golden color.

Some balustrades are painted with a reason to look interesting and to break the monotony. There are many designs that are used in the balustrades and some of them are quite simple. There can be only a series of straight iron pillars and covered with a wooden balustrade. Or even have an iron balustrade. Balustrades wood can be carved with a design on them or just be a straight. People often have wooden balustrades and handrails on the porch of his house.

The design of the balustrades and handrails depends on the design and architecture of the building or home. People usually do not give much importance to the design of rails and is the architect selected the design. The wood used in the guardrails and handrails must be dry and should not warp or become deformed or cracked. The wood was the material that has been used most of the internal balustrades and handrails in the home.

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